Gayd Sanayi ve Ticaret Supap Gayd Baga

Gayd Repair and Maintenance Book

The task of gayds is to house the valves and transfer the heat accumulated in the valve to the cooling water. There is usually a dry slippery friction and variable heat distribution between the valve stem and the guide.

If the lubrication is insufficient, the valve stem wears more than the guide. If the wear occurs in both, it means that there is a material incompatibility between them.

One-sided and abnormal stem wear is the result of the misalignment of the stem-gayd axis.

The heat flowing from the valve head to the stem is mediated by the guide. It is given to the cooling water with. For this reason, the gap between the handle and the gayd becomes important. If the gap is large, the valves run hot and become deformed; If it is less, the valve stem wraps around the bagpipe due to the expansion difference. This space is given by the manufacturer. However, during assembly, it should be checked whether the gap corresponds to the original catalog value